Rhinoceros Party spin on recent “Legislation”


Health Care Inquiry Inquiry

This legislation would set up an inquiry to set up an inquiry into the health care system in Alberta. This does not go far enough – we should first set up an inquiry about an inquiry about an inquiry into health care. This extra layer of abstraction will allow politicians to do absolutely nothing for at least another month. We need more time to stall.

Fixed Election Dates

Excellent legislation that gives us a timeframe in which we will hold our fake elections which are “fixed” to give the PC Party majority after majority. We at the Rhinoceros Party are glad that the legislation finally acknowledges that our elections are fixed.

Drinking and Driving

This legislation reduces the legal limit for drinking and driving to 0.05. However, what it does not do is set a mandatory minimum. Conservatives love mandatory minimums, right? The Rhinoceros Party demands that the province set the mandatory minimum blood alcohol for driving to be 0.02. This will create jobs in the hospitality industry which would otherwise be endangered by the lower upper limit for drinking and driving and the government will continue to make money from liquor taxes.


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