Redford policy on vice a watered down version of Rhinoceros Party’s plan


Apparently Mrs. Redford plans to have a crackdown on smoking and drinking, mostly where vehicles are involved (she seems to have an automobile fetish) – including lowering the legal drinking limit to 0.05 and banning smoking in cars with  passengers 16 years of age and younger, and a ban on flavoured tobacco.  This is a watered down version of our drugs policy we announced back in February of 2008. 

Her policy doesn’t go far enough: we need to end, via prohibition, the scourge of dangerous drugs such as alcohol, coffee, and tobacco.  From our policy announcement:

The case against tobacco is […] straightforward.  For millions of years, we have known that tobacco is evil.  We have banned tobacco use in public places due to health concerns, obviously the next step is to abolish tobacco use completely by making it illegal.  Common street names for tobacco include “Chew”, “Dip”, “Fags”, “Smoke”.

We know that tobacco is harmful even to people over the age of 16, so for the good of the the province we need to ban tobacco.  After all, those lungs in your chest belong to the provincial government.  It’s in the Constitution Act, look it up.  

The punishment for smoking should be execution on the spot.  The message will be clear:  “Smoking kills, so if you smoke we’ll kill you preemptively.”  The same punishment would be in effect for those caught drinking alcohol and caffienated beverages such as coffee – anyone caught with a Jagerbomb would be executed twice.


Your Rhinoceros Party:  Progressive on health, decidedly conservative on drugs.


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